In her interview with ‘Interfax’ news agency  the Ukraine’s general prosecutor Iryna Venediktova spoke about  the SBU probes into Medvedchuk and possible charges against this pro-Russian politician.

Venedictova assured that all the criminal cases in connection to  Medvedchuk would be complete.

We have got many ongoing investigations involving the person under this name.  Several investigations, different indictments. They will proceed and take their logical end.’ At this point, I have not been provided with any materials that could be (regarded) as drafts of indictment,” Venediktova claimed.

The general prosecutor claimed that investigation “had been actively going on” in relation to different criminal cases.

“Among those, (there is) the filling-station chain case that allegedly involved exports violations, smuggling and tax-evasion. We have also had three “Ukrainskiy Vybir” party members indicted on charges of Crimea occupation collaborative acts,” she said.

According to the general prosecutor, the investigation needs to follow the formal procedure before formalizing charges against Medvedchuk.

“We will see what kind of evidence investigators come up with on all the cases, we will analyze the quality of those materials, and only then it will allow to raise the question of indictment,” Veneditkova said.

Sanctioning Medvedchuk. Key takeaways

On February 19,  the National Security and Defence Council placed sanctions on Viktor Medvedchuk, close friend of Vladimir Putin, who is heading the political council of the pro-Russia Opposition Platform — For Life party and his wife Oksana Marchenko.  According to Security council spokesman Alexei Danilov , the sanctioning decree lists 8 individuals and 19 companies that are accused of “financing terrorism”.

Apart from it, Security council authorized the Ukrainian government to reclailm the oil product pipeline from the company who was closely affiliated with Medvedchuk.

Viktor Medvedchuk said that the sanctions against him and his wife were unlawful.  After the sanctions news, Oksana Marchenko announced  her plans of starting a political career.

According to surveys, 60% Ukrainians favor sanctions against Viktor Medvedchuk and his wife Oksana Marchenko. The move also got support from the US officals.

Petro Poroshenko, former Ukrainian president and ‘European Solidarity’ party leader, stated that the sanctions  should be followed by  indictment and arrest.