Russia-led stooges continue to round up men in Mariupol and take them to filtration camps,  which comes amid growing talk the detained can be drafted into Donetst separatists’ army, said Mariupol mayoral advisor Petro Andrushchenko on Telegram.

With Russia having a hard time drafting men in Donetsk and its mounting losses in Ukraine’s war, it looks to manpower among the Ukrainians in occupied regions.

‘In the last two weeks, the number of people in filtration camps in Beizimene and Kozatske in Novazosk community has grown from 2 thousand to 3-4 thousand men. The occupiers continue their practice of deporting men from Mariupol to these filtration camps. During this time no one of Mariupol residents [kept there for screening] has been released,’ said Petro Andushchenko.

Ukrainians are kept in grueling conditions to break them ‘psychologically’.