Russia’s claims that Ukrainian forces shelled its border service point has nothing to do with reality, says Ukraine’s JFO command in a statement on Monday.

The footage and images revealed by Russian officials showed some ‘utility building’ with no resemblance to a border service point, said the JFO statement, arguing that Ukrainian artillery units were withdrawn from the frontline, which means it just didn’t have weapons to hit targets in the range reaching Russian borders.

Ukraine’s Border Service called in doubt the shelling incident as Russian officials failed to name the clear place where it happened, claiming it was ‘some 150 meters near the Russian border in Rostov oblast’.

State security council secretary Oleksiy Danylov also responded to the accusations by saying that Ukrainian army is allowed to open fire only in case they face  life-threatening situations.

‘They can tell and do whatever they want, we are ready fro everything’, added Danylov.