Ukrainian lawmaker goes rogue in the Verkhovna Rada ranting about dangers of Covid vaccination.

Going against all scientific and health consensus, Serhiy Shakhov baffled his fellow MPs  Wednesday claiming that a Covid shot can prompt more severe case of the infection.

‘You have to understand that inoculation doesn’t fully protect everyone, while even those who got a vaccine, will be made sicker. They can even get a Covid-19’.

The controversial MP who himself contracted Covid last year went on to slam  alleged mistreatment of a medical worker in Mykolayiv who was slapped a 40 thousand hryvnas’ fine over some small Covid-related incident.

Break-through infections are routinely cited by vaccine skeptics though their claims often lack evidence.

Here is what Cherkasy infectious disease specialist Oleksiy Yeremeev says about such severity of break-through cases:

‘There is 10% chance you can get sick. Yet  such people have a reduced risk of severe illness. I have no vaccinated people in intense care unit now. There were no deaths among the vaccinated we had [in our hospital]. The vaccine doesn’t protect you 100% but helps to prevent severe cases’.