The round of talks between the political advisors to ‘Normandy format’ leaders brought up suggestion to bring such talks to the frontlines in eastern Ukraine. In his comments about the suggestion, Zelesnky endorsed the idea and urged the leader of Russia to “meet anywhere in the Ukrainian Donbas, where there is a war”.

“Yesterday and today, at the meetings of advisers to the Normandy Four and the TCG security subgroup, the restoration of a complete ceasefire was discussed, but despite the support of all parties, Russia refused to support the general statement.

At the same time, a proposal was made to meet at the delimitation line in order to see and understand the situation as accurately as possible. What should I understand? I go there every month. Mr. Putin!”, he said.

It is worth mentioning that Ukrainian-speaking Zelensky switched to Russian in the part of the speech addressing Russia and its military aggression.