In his Wednesday TV interview, ‘European Solidarity’ leader Petro Poroshenko dismissed the incorrect claims of  Ukraine’s government official Oleksiy Reznikov who earlier stated that Ukraine previously  had lodged no requests for the UN peacekeeping mission in Donbas.

Citing the misjudgment, Poroshenko explained how and when the idea of bringing UN peacekeepers mission to Ukraine originated.

“They [Zelensky’s officials] don’t know where to look [for]. It is too bad that this [narrative] fits what representatives of the aggressor-country say about UN peacekeepers. They would say the same claiming ‘we can’t see any [Minsk agreement] roadmap, there was no any’. Let me give you a clue. Here is the official document listed as UN Security Council file. It is the letter of March 30, 2015 coming from Ukraine’s Permanent Mission [to UN]. The first thing is the letter of Foreign Affairs minister which I assigned him [to write]. This letter informs the permanent members of UN Security Council about the ruling of the parliament passed on the initiative from president Poroshenko that invited UN mandate peacekeepers to Ukraine. Here is my own letter attached dated March 2015. We were synchronizing it with signing Minks Agreements,” said he.

Petro Poroshenko also cited his earlier press conferences, that came at the time of his presidency, and now can provide evidence of earlier UN peacekeeping plans of his administration  proving Reznikov wrong on his words.

“watch my [joint] press conferences with the leaders of ‘Normandy format’ in 2015-2016.. [the one] with Merkel where we say that Germany and France accepted the proposal of president Poroshenko on the roadmap implementing Minsk process,” stressed the former president.

Urging the Ukrainian authorities to action, Poroshenko offered them to use the UN peacekeeping mission plan developed by his administration in 2015.

“We are ready to come to Ukraine’s State Security Council meeting; we are ready to hand over all [the plan documents]. We can pass it over.. now after two years that you wasted, pass this position of the peacekeeping mission deployment with a UN Security Council mandate.”