Presenting the 2022 budget plan in the Vekrhovna Rada,  finance minister Serhiy Marchenko touted its fatter capital expenditure.

With 140,2 billion hryvnas slated for capital investment next year, its programs  will get  9.4% share of 2022 budget, which is 30,5 billion more compared to the last year and is the highest figure for the last ten years, argued Marchenko.

Budget highlights

2022 budget revenues are set at 1,322 trillion hryvnas, after proposals from MPs made it grow by 54,73 billion.

Meanwhile, next year’s spending bill is 1497,7 trillion hryvnas, which is  55,73 billion more than the original budget figure.

The government also plans to stick to 3.5%  budget deficit projection and spend 188,9 billion hryvnas on state budget programs.

Announced pay rises will see the minimum monthly wage grow to 6,700 hryvnas while living wages will increase to 2,600 hryvnas starting July, 2022.

2022 budget was passed Thusday by the votes of 268 Ukrainian lawmakers, most of which came from ‘Servant of the People’ and its minor coalition partners.

The budgetary document drew harsh criticism from ‘European Solidarity’ leader Petro Poroshenko.