In his video address on August 24, Volodymyr Zelensky greeted Ukrainians with 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

The Ukrainian president said the blasts and gun shots that came on February were meant to give us the impression Ukraine wouldn’t live to hear the words ‘Happy Independence Day’ six months later, on August 24, yet we are here saying those words to each other.

The last six months have changed our history and revealed who is Ukraine’s true friend and brother and who has tried to allow terrorists ‘save face’.

Zelensky praised brave Ukrainian people who stopped Russian tanks with their bare hands  protecting their homeland.

Their courage and struggle for justice and truth has brought together people around the world.

To be indifferent, slow, and inactive is shameful. To be indecisive and too cautious is shameful. To speak in mellow, vague and overly diplomatic way  is shameful. Not to support Ukraine is shameful, said Zelensky.

On February 24, Ukraine saw arrival of the ‘new nation’ on February 24, stressed the presiding, calling  it a ‘rebirth’ of the Ukraine as people didn’t ‘ge scared, run away, give in and forget’.

He struck a note of confidence, saying the war will end in victory for Ukraine,  ‘not just in peace [treaty]’.

Kyiv will not try to find accord with the terrorists speaking in Russian, which the Kremlin claimed it has arrived to ‘protect’.

Ukraine will not cede its territory while Donbas and Crimea will be taken back ‘no matter how hard the road to it can be’.