Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko offered his critique of the proposed fuel tax laws, arguing European Solidarity party he is leading will not give votes to those if the Ukrainian army is not granted the new law exemption.

‘We have two principal requirements for the law drafts on fuel tax. Firstly, we will not allow the army to be robbed. We will not allow manipulations and taking away the army funds and their transfer to road construction [projects].’

Another reason why the opposition MPs plan to throw a wrench in the vote is concern for Ukrainian farmers who can also be impacted by new fuel taxes.

‘Raising mineral fertilizers’ prices, plant protection means and fuel will lead to the situation where farmers will not go out in fields to harvest and plant for the next year,’ added Poroshenko.

He said the Ukrainian parliament should follow  the EU policies of lower fuel taxes for agrarian sector.

‘How can one talk about investment appeal while restricting competitiveness of  Ukrainian farmers?’ said Poroshenko