A Ukrainian medic in Mariupol issued a video address about the situation there, claiming the city is completely blocked and in need of vital medical supplies.

The video appeared on an ‘Azov’ regiment Telegram channel.


‘If you think that you realize the scale of the catastrophe in Mariupol caused by Russia’s crimes, then, I assure you, you do not even begin to imagine the real picture.

We, the medics, are trying 24 hours a day to help not only the military but also the civilians. We do it under enemy air strikes and artillery fire. Ambulances no longer operate.

Amidst every bomb and Grad rocket are not just the wounded. There are severed arms and legs, blinded eyes, torn fragments of the body, entrails exposed and falling out… I understand that it hurts to listen because your family members and friends may be among the wounded and dead.

But you have to listen because you have to understand the situation, and you have to act. Speak about Mariupol. Shout about it. We do not want to be dead heroes and martyrs. The people here want to live and rebuild a ruined Ukraine – people who have been defending their right to be Ukrainians since 2014.

There is no need to make movies and write books about it later; there is no need to say that you didn’t know what was going on or couldn’t help! You know! And you can help! Often, all we can do is declare death and persuade the relatives to move away from the dead bodies to the shelter because there is no way to bury bodies. There is no possibility of getting people out from under the rubble, and they are slowly dying there.

This is the truth that is unlikely to be heard by those who post joyful pictures of an imminent victory on social media. Yes, Ukraine will definitely win! But hundreds of thousands will die; the official statistics are too optimistic and lacks additional zeroes.

Unblock Mariupol and provide an opportunity to bring in medicine, to evacuate the wounded and to bury the dead. This city has fought for the whole country for eight years and is fighting now – we are not martyrs, we are fighters! But now we need the help of all Ukraine.

Mariupol is Ukraine!’