Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine had survived Russia’s winter terror. He called it the fifth defeat of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

‘On March 1, 2023, Putin suffered his fifth major defeat since the day of the full-scale invasion – Ukraine defeated his winter terror. We have endured the hardest winter in our history. We were cold and dark, but we were indomitable’, Kuleba wrote on Facebook.

Dmytro Kuleba emphasized that partners stood side by side with Ukraine, in particular the EU, which ‘despite Moscow’s guffaws, did not freeze without Russian gas either’.

‘One piece of advice for Russia: suffocate on your gas and choke on your missiles’, the minister said.

According to him, the first defeat of the Russian Federation occurred when the Ukrainians from the first minutes of the offensive did not let Putin paralyze themselves with fear, and the second was the foiled blitzkrieg plan. Kuleba stressed that Ukraine did not fall in three days, seven, a month, or a year and ‘will never fall’.

The third defeat was on the diplomatic front, when the world coalition sided with Ukraine, resolutions and sanctions were introduced, flows of weapons, energy, financial and humanitarian aid arrived to Ukraine. Kuleba called the liberation of a large part of the territories occupied by Russia the fourth defeat.

‘There is still a long way to the final victory. However, we already know how to win. We have to work for it every day and believe in Ukraine’, the minister concluded.