Ukraine is  bracing for crisis in Zaporizhzhia as the situation is unraveling at a  nuclear power plant occupied by Russian troops.

Regionl governor Oleksandr Starukh called a meeting on Thusday to address the issue of possible evacuation ‘in case of emergencies’. Officials said they have an emergency alert system ready to warn local residents through all available information outlets.

‘We must clearly understand our abilities. Once a real threat comes from the Russian occupiers’ actions we will have no time to consider it, we will need to follow the earlier adopted action plan. Everybody and everything will need to work as one mechanism,’ said Starukh.

Timely alert is the most critical thing. ‘We must take care of the population in both the [Ukrainian-] controlled and occupied territories, we can’t abandon anyone facing trouble,’ added he.

The action plans made by Ukrainian officials list all the available issues for evacuation of civilians.