In his video address, Petro Poroshenko said he is currently on the international visit and is having numerous meetings with Polish and European politicians aimed to creating a strong coalition against Russian aggression.

The former president noted that when the whole of Europe and the whole world should unite against Putin, ‘strange things’ are happening in Ukraine.

‘Zelensky office makes hints they will be glad if I do not return in Ukraine and stay in Europe. I want to emphasize that they will not receive such a gift from me and I will return to Ukraine in the first half of January’, Poroshenko stressed.

The former president added that charges against him ‘is a crossing of the red line’.

‘This is no longer a joke. The jokes are over! They will be taken to responsibility for this. However, right now, someone has to be smarter. Now we have to unite, now we have to save Ukraine and repel Russian aggression’, Poroshenko said.


On December 20, Petro Poroshenko was issued a formal suspicion in the alleged connection to 2014-2016 state coal contracts.

The ‘European Solidarity’ party issued a statement regarding charges against its leader

Earlier, Poroshenko’s legal team warned against fabricating allegations in coal contracts case.