Former Ukrainian president and European Solidarity leader Petro Poroshenko joined the chorus of Ukrainian politicians who greeted Ukrainians on Independence Day.

The last 180 dramatic days the world has seen that Ukraine is a great country, and that our people have a strong spirit and the most powerful army we have jointly created since 2014, said Poroshenko.

Alluding to to the Crimea’s annexation, Poroshenko said Ukrainians learned 8 years ago that freedom and independence should be taken as ‘guaranteed’,  which made the new generation of Ukrainians take up arms.

‘Independence must be claimed with arms in hands. Ukrainians are ready for it. We will not be broken by the enemy’s rage and the amounts of his weapons. Our resilience earned us respect and support of all the free world. Independent Ukraine today is a hope people win justice and rights, punishment of the aggressor, steady and lasting peace,’ said Poroshenko.

The biggest support for Ukraine is its Armed forces. Every day brings us news about  heroism of our troops.

‘We put trust in them. We know that faith alone is not enough – the army needs support. We, Ukrainians, have become the nation of warriors and volunteers. This year, we have proved that Ukraine comes above everything. And we have Bandera for our father, and Ukraine is our mother.’

Poroshenko said Ukrainians didn’t let Vladimir Putin ‘wipe Ukraine off the polilcal map’- the country has stood out and become a EU candidate member.

The country marks the important date in love and unity that resonate in our hearts, promising Ukraine a victory in the war, added the former president.