In an attempt to quell fears all eligible women will be made to register for military conscription, Ukraine’s general staff  office issues a statement Thursday, saying such registration will happen if a woman gives her ‘consent’ to it.

According to the latest conscription policy update, Ukrainian women who are ‘fit for military service’ working  in  broad range of  professions will be required to show up at the military enlistment office for registration starting October 1.

The Ukrainian general staff office said only 1% of eligible women have been called up for military service after Ukraine introduced martial law on February 28 with most of those conscripted women assuming ‘the roles in medical care, communications, morale-boosting offices, accounting, and canteens’.

While the Ukrainian army still faces staffing issues in medical aid, radio engineering, and food production, it has no ‘dire need’ to increase the number of women for conscription.

The general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces said it will register women start the registration of women for military service after ‘the ending of the special period’ in Ukraine, and only if women consent to the procedure.