During the discussion at the Conservative Party conference in Great Britain, the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko suggested his vision of new international security mechanisms.

Poroshenko stressed that Russia destroyed the postwar mechanism of world security, and the UN Security Council proved unable to restrain the Russian Federation.

He stated that the UN Security Council demonstrated a complete inability to respond adequately to the challenges of the modern world, and this became especially noticeable during the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. He emphasized the need to introduce an effective security mechanism.

‘We must unite to change the UN. It is possible to study the experience of the League of Nations in 1939, when the Soviet Union was excluded after its aggression against Finland. We need an effective global security mechanism’, Poroshenko claimed.

Poroshenko reminded that the International Court of Justice, which considers war crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, is also a structure of the United Nations. He stated the need to reform the UN and withdraw Russia from it.

‘For victory, Ukraine needs the support of the whole world, unity and solidarity’, the former president concluded.