European Solidarity leader used his interview for Georgian TV station as a platform to appeal. As Moscow blocks independent media and feeds people with propaganda machine lies about invasion in Ukraine, Russians who moved to neighboring Georgia should reach out to their friends in their native country and tell them a true story of the onslaught and war crimes in Mariupol.

‘Tell about killed and tortured children. About raped women who trusted they could be saved through ‘humanitarian corridors’. Tell about civilians in Mariupol who were dying of hunger and thirst. They had to melt snow to last another day hoping they would see a speck of humanism in the eyes of the inhumane Russian fascists that broke into our [homes]’.

The former Ukrainian president spoke about a harrowing story of Mariupol, the predominantly Russian-speaking city that was grazed to the ground by ruthless Russian shells and rockets. People in Russia are just not aware of the scale of humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine.

‘You must tell them that the country of 40 million now has 25% of displaced people who fled from Russian barbarians. Tell them about Ukrainian children who had to leave their homes,’ said Poroshenko.

He called it a crime against humanity adding that people behind it will be damned for lives they took in Ukraine.