Speaking at Lviv Forum of local council representatives,  Petro Poroshenko called for detailed audit of anti-Covid governmental fund expenditures

‘Recently National Academy of Sciences has made public Covid death rate numbers in Ukraine saying it is not [official] 50 thousand but 140 thousand people. 140 thousand lives of Ukrainians that have paid the price for your impotency, while your are channeling money into ‘great fake construction’ that loses 20% through kickbacks, and this is a crime against Ukrainian people,” said Petro Poroshenko.

The “European Solidarity’ leader stressed that sacking of the health minister will not solve the problem.

‘When you [government] were taking money of  anti-Covid fund, Stepanov didn’t dare to say a word,’ said  the  ‘European Solidarity’ party leader,  demanding the ‘parliamentary audit of of Anti-Covid fund for all who were stealing the money were put behind the bars’.

He cited vaccines, oxygen, and hospital beds among the things the Ukrainian government failed to deliver on handling the Covid pandemic.

‘Vaccines – last summer some insignificant advance payment should have been made. They [government] misused the funds calling themselves ‘coronavirus world champions’ and promising that Ukraine would be on the top 10 list of countries in vaccination rates. [Now] I can hardly hear anything about those promises. The second [thing was] oxygen. People were deprived of their right to breathe. Where were they [government] when it was time to address the oxygen issue?’, claimed Poroshenko.

Petro Poroshenko also blamed the government for ‘taking the funds from local governments’ that tried to use their limited opportunities for saving lives of Ukrainians.