State Nuclear Regulatory inspectorate of Ukraine informs that Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant is still controlled by Russian troops.

The statement says two power units are connected to the grid. One unit is in outage and others shutdown.

The operational personnel of Zaporizhzhya NPP carries out monitoring of the power units and ensures their safe operation in accordance with the requirements of the operating documentation.

The NPP automated radiation monitoring system and automated radiation situation monitoring system in the control and observation areas are operating in standard mode, no changes in radiation state at the NPP site, and in the control and observation areas have been registered.

The presence of armed enemy troops on the territory of the Zaporizhzhya NPP and heavy equipment close to the NPP and in Enerhodar, creates psychological pressure on both NPP personnel and the public. There are interruptions in the mobile telephone communication, most of the Internet service providers are not able to provide their services, there are problems with the foodstuff availability and supply. All this has a negative impact on the morale state of the plant personnel, and significantly affects the NPP nuclear and radiation safety.