Russian shelling caused damaged to water supply pipes at Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station while Ukrainian plant stuff is still trying to back on track energy supplies for two of its reactors (#5,6), said Ukraine’s  State Nuclear Inspection in a statement on Friday.

‘Currently, ZNPP energy needs are being provided by Ukraine’s main grid. There are no notices on safety systems functioning at the moment,’ said state nuclear regulator.

It is worth noting that the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant energy supplies were disrupted by Russian shelling the day before causing a shutdown of its two reactors.

‘As a result of shelling that hit a site overpass connecting reactor #2 site with a special facility designated for handling of radioactive materials waste and deactivation, it damaged the network water and desalinated water pipes going along the overpass.’

Apart from that, damage was caused to the radiation sensors at the earlier mentioned special facility.

Emergency teams are now on the site handling the pipes and assessing the scale of damage.