In his video address to the nation Tuesday after Moscow recognized separatists’ republics in Donbas,  Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky warned Kyiv is not ‘afraid’ and will not ‘concede anything to anyone’  calling the Kremiln move a violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

I will speak about the present and the future, said Zelensky,  taking a shot at the long ‘lecture on history’ Russia’s president used before announcing recognition of the two Ukrainian breakway regions.

The Ukrainian president emphasized Russia is full accountable for all the consequences of recognition of Donbas proxy states’ independence, noting its decision pulled the plug on Minsk agreements.

He also noted  Moscow is merely legalizing the Russian forces that have been in the Donbas since 2014, when Russia invaded and later annexed Crimea.

‘The country that has encouraged war for 8 years, can’t be for peace it has spoken of’, added Zelensky.

Zelenskiy reinstated Ukraine wanted to resolve the Donbas crisis through diplomacy but Kyiv is ready it can take longer under the new circumstances.

“We are committed to the peaceful and diplomatic path, we will follow it and only it,” Zelenskiy said.

He also voiced some thinly veiled frustration over lack of support from the Western countries urging them for relevant steps.

‘It is very important to see who is our real friend and partner and who will continue to scare the Russian Federation with words.’

His address struck a note of confidence Ukraine will overcome the challenge as ‘ borders are safely guarded’.

“We are on our land. We are not afraid of anything and anyone, we don’t owe anything to anyone, we will not concede anything to anyone,” Zelensky stressed in his early address.