New sanctions come as a retaliatory measure for the elections Moscow held in Crimea.

The order blacklisted 120 Crimean officials who staged unlawful ‘vote’ in the occupied peninsula.

The people on the sanctioning list are now subject to travel ban, assets freeze, and  number of other restrictive measures.

Ukraine blasted the vote as a ‘flagrant violation’ of international law.

The September elections held by Russia in Crimea also drew criticism from the US, the EU and Great Britain who called them illegitimate.

The sanctions made effective October 15 also targeted Crimean judges who were involved in  political persecution of Crimean Tatars. Those are Oleksiy Kozyrev, Anastasiya Supryaga, Iryna Kagitina, Oleksiy Tykhopoy, Andriy Giba, and Roman Saprunov.