The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenksy weights in on the importance of cooperation with the IMF.

‘This is important above all for our economic stability and investment climate. Because other programs and investor attitudes are always tied to the IMF program. That is, it is not just a question of money, it is more about attitude, investment climate and so on. So we will definitely do what we promised. I think there will be a tranche in autumn,” said Zelensky in his Tuesday interview.

The Ukrainian president argued that the IMF is ‘satisfied with the course of reforms in Ukraine’ but raised concern over challenging demands of the Fund calling them ‘unfair’ for Ukraine.

‘There are “beacons” that the IMF expects from Ukraine, including judicial reform, and many other issues. Today, the tranche is tied to such “beacons”. I will repeat once again: I think it is unfair when we have a war, when we are fighting the oligarchs, when we are fighting corruption and we are really doing it. However, this is their right.

We will live [with that], said Zelensky optimistically, responding to the question about what Ukraine will do without a tranche from the IMF.