‘Bukvy’ counted at least 5 executive orders by Volodymyr Zelensky that disrespected articles 19, 106, 113 of the Constitution.

Among those:

No. 558/2019 “On Certain Measures to Improve Individuals’ and Legal Entities’ Access to Electronic Services”;

No. 511/2019 “On Certain Measures for Preserving Forests and Rational Use of Forest Resources”;

No. 837/2019 “On unauthorized measures to carry out reforms and reorganization of the state”;

No. 761/2019 “On Inappropriate Measures to Ensure Favorable Conditions for the Activity of the FOP”;

No. 1/2021 “On the provision of humanitarian aid to Croatia.


By signing these decrees, Zelensky violated Article 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which public authorities have to act only within the powers and in the manner prescribed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

He also exceeded his powers established by Article 106 of the Constitution of Ukraine. None of these issues is included to competence of the president.

In addition, according to Article 113 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers is the highest body in the system of executive bodies, it is controlled and accountable to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, but within the limits provided by the Constitution.The government is accountable to the president, but not controlled or subordinated to him.

In view of the above, the instructions of Zelensky to the Cabinet of Ministers violate Articles 19, 106 and 113 of the Constitution of Ukraine.