Zelensky’s decree № 468/2019 of June 27, 2019, awarded the title of ‘Hero of Ukraine’ to three firefighters who took part in the 1986 events at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant.

However, the ‘Hero of Ukraine’ statute stipulates that the award is not given for merits that took place in the past and not related to the independent Ukraine.

In the case of flight 752 crew, the violation concerns paragraph 1 of the statute, which provides that the ‘Hero of Ukraine’ is awarded to citizens of Ukraine for outstanding heroic deeds or outstanding achievements. Zelensky’s decree does not specify for what heroic deeds or outstanding achievements the crew were awarded. Despite the tragedy of this case, it does not meet the requirements for the ‘Hero of Ukraine’.

Article 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine stipulates that public authorities have to act only within the powers and in the manner prescribed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

Therefore, Zelensky failed to comply with Ukraine’s awards regulations and violated Article 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine and ‘Hero of Ukraine’ statute.