Zelensky announced the launch of this program at the All-Ukrainian forum ‘Ukraine 30. Healthy Ukraine’.

The program was developed by the President’s Office in partnership with the Health, Youth, and Education Ministries.

‘The Program is to attract all the age groups. Its main objective is to help Ukrainians live longer’, said Zelensky.

With average life expectancy of 72 years Ukraine holds  115th positon in the world ranking.

Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized that popularizing healthy lifestyle is essential for increasing fertility rates and life expectancy in Ukraine.

‘The first component of our program is a healthy school model… This is a new model of physical training lessons, which are to be interesting and popular among children. This is also the reform of school nutrition; my wife Olena is currently implementing it. This is a new school menu created by a well-known chef Yevhen Klopotenko. This is the popularization of school sports сlubs. These are new online applications for parents and children,’ the President explained.

Volodymyr Zelensky also drew attentiton to the alarming statistics that cites  infectious, oncological, and circulatory diseases as a cause of 85% of deaths in Ukraine making timely diagnosis a main concern.

To tackle the problem,  those aged 55 and over full physical examinations, so called check-ups, will be available once a year or every other year, said the Ukrainian president.

He also announced the launch of the Program that is set to provide every city with comfortable and free public sports facilities.