According to Zelensky decree, a model of an intensive system of military training will be introduced in Ukraine, which will become an alternative to conscription.

The president’s decree also provides for the gradual transition to the formation of the Armed Forces on a professional basis. The concept of the transition has to be developed by the Ministry of Defense.

Currently, the conscription in Ukraine involves all fit men aged 18 to 27 with the exceptions regulated by the respective law.

In July 2021, the then head of the ‘Servant of the People’ party Oleksandr Kornienko noted that the law on territorial defense was part of a plan to abolish mandatory military conscription in Ukraine.

The new policy provides for strengthening Ukraine’s defense capabilities and increasing the number of the Armed Forces by 100,000 people over three years.

It is also planned to increase salaries for the military and develop a new housing concept.