Signed by president on June 12, the policy aims to define the key objectives of justice system reforms  ‘adopting best international practices’, says the announcement on Zelensky’s official web site.

The document prioritizes updates of legislation on judiciary proceedings, status of judges and judiciary institutions, and is set to implement urgent measures to improve judiciary system performance.

It offers to change the selection of Constitutional Court judges, and check candidates for integrity and professional competencies bringing in  international experts for selection process.

The Strategy puts forth the mechanism protecting Constitutional Court judges from pressure.

It also introduces new selection process for Higher Qualification Commission of Judges and Higher Council of Justice with new members selected through the open competition by the panel featuring international experts.

To advance local courts’ reform, they will be inspected to track down performance issues and weaknesses.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine will be granted permanent residence to ensure its efficient work.

The Strategy will also revise system of court fee rates, pre-trial and mediation procedures, and may see arrival of  magistrates in Ukraine.

Zelensky’s initiative also stipulates that a legal reform Commission is to bring together state and local officials, experts and civil activists to draw up an action plan for the Strategy implementation.