President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has signed the agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on freight transportation by road. The decree appeared on president’s website Friday.

This agreement cancels the need for Ukrainian carriers to obtain permits for bilateral and transit transportation to all EU states, which will facilitate the export of Ukrainian products.

‘The purpose of this agreement is to temporarily facilitate road freight transportation between the EU and Ukraine, as well as transit through their territories, by granting additional rights for transit and cargo transportation between the parties to operators registered in one of the parties, in connection with the consequences of Russia’s war against of Ukraine and significant disruptions in the operation of all types of transport in the country’, the agreement goes.

In addition, it is noted that this agreement contains measures to simplify the recognition of driver’s licenses. From now on, Ukraine and the EU exempt holders of driver’s licenses issued by one of the parties from the requirement to have an international driver’s license.

The term of the agreement is 1 year with the possibility of extension, and it entered into force from the date of signing. On a permanent basis, the agreement will become operational after the completion of all ratification procedures.