‘I don’t think it’s about freedom of speech. I believe that this is a struggle against me because of one simple law the law of de-oligarchization’, the president said during the press marathon.

Zelensky stated that everyone understands when this media war started, adding ‘this is the reaction of Rinat Akhmetov personally’.

At the same time, the president said he has no media allies.

‘I believe that my main ally is the people of Ukraine’, he claimed.


What is wrong with the ‘anti-oligarchs’ law?

The oligarchs law, a pet project of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, drew somewhat  mixed reactions from international experts.

The controversial law was signed by Zelensky on November 5.

Fareed Zakaria, a political commentator and the host of CNN’s weekly public affairs show, stated the law creates risks for freedom of press in Ukraine.

Leading Swedish expert Anders Aslund said Volodymyr Zelensky was copying policies of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.

The law was to be submitted to Venice Commission for expertise.