In his video address posted on Facebook Wednesday, the Ukrainian president tried to play down fears of Russian invasion.

As media is rife with speculations that ‘[Russia’s] invasion is surely coming tomorrow’ and ‘absolutely everyone backs us’, people must remember that this war has been part of our life for long, Zelensky said.

‘Everyone must calm down and not to stock on buckwheat and matches, fake stories must not be spread, we must take a deep breath’, continued the president, arguing that speculations are used to spread panic and weaken Ukraine making the country to offer concessions.

He highlighted the role media can play in this situation, noting that journalists must be ‘professional’ and not ‘to hype up the stories’ that play into the hands of Ukraine’s enemies.

The president assured the government is doing its best to stabilize the situation.

‘Ukraine does not want war, but we must be ready for it. Ukraine is not afraid because it is our land and we have nowhere to flee’, Zelensky stressed.

Fearmongering that comes from the West can ‘backfire’, said Zelensky warning against escalation of abstract threats.

The president tried to demonstrate calm and optimism expressing confidence.

‘In the autumn, I hope we will support our football team at the World Cup. And then, at the New Year table, we will look back and see that we did not fall for provocations’, Zelensky concluded.