Human aid distribution was cut short in Mariupol as Russian-led officials now say they will offer such ‘benefit’ only to those engaged in rubble clean-up campaign in the war-ravaged city, according to exiled city official Petro Andrushchenko.

This is how the occupational authorities are trying to get rid of ‘resource burden’, added the Ukrainian official.

‘The decision will provoke longer queues at the makeshift humanitarian aid distribution points and will threaten the issue of sufficiency of food for all segments of the population’.

The housing issue is acute as Russians are now building concrete barracks for the people whose houses were destroyed in the earlier onslaught.

The lifestyles in Livoberehzny and Kalmius city neighborhoods are reminiscent of the ‘Middle Ages’ as people are forced to cook on open fire scrambling for wood and use buckets as a toilet.

‘Rubbish heaps are piling up in the yards. The Medieval Times have set up home in Mariupol along with its occupiers.’

Meanwhile, the occupational administration has got a bright idea to rename the city, brining back the Soviet-era name, Zhdanov.  The plan was let slip by Vasyl Turyanytsya, who leads the Afganistan war veterans’ group.