Andriy Antonenko

12 Jan, 2022 12:18
 Vita Bortnytska gets  blacklisted by Myrotvorets website

The Kyiv Pechersky Court judge got called over 'fabrications' and 'destroying Ukraine's judicial system'.

2 Jun, 2021 13:01
‘Outright lies’, Antonenko-Riffmaster brushes off ties with SBU counter intelligence

In his interview for ‘NV Radio’, the musician and military volunteer Andriy Antonenko,  who is facing charges in connection to Pavlo Sheremet murder, commented on his alleged links to intelligence services.

31 May, 2021 11:17
Antonenko-Riffmaster to Zelensky: ‘we have things to talk about’

One of the key suspects in Pavlo Sheremet murder says ‘he has ‘things to talk about’ with the Ukrainian president.

5 May, 2021 21:24
Prosecutors slow down Pavlo Sheremet investigation to avoid responsibility for fabrications, Andriy Antonenko interview

Andriy Antonenko, who was allegedly involved in slaying of journalist Pavlo Sheremet, reveals details of his trial in the interview to ‘Pryamyi’ TV channel.

25 Apr, 2021 15:22
Antonenko spends 500th day in jail

With Andriy Antonenko approaching the milestone of 500 days spent in jail, some lesser-known facts of his case need closer consideration.

24 Apr, 2021 16:44
European Liberals criticize political repressions in Ukraine, cite campaigns against Andriy Antonenko and Serhiy Sternenko

The latest repressive campaigns against civil activists in Ukraine face growing disapproval from the liberal parties across Europe.