In his commentary on Pavlo Sheremet murder trial,  Andriy Antonenko said : ‘Our goal is acquittal. The goal of our opponents is maximum hampering of the trial to avoid incrimination for the falsified case. [..] All this time these men who have fabricated and falsified this story will stay in their posts. As a consequence, real murderers of journalist Sheremet will be out there, free’.

Antonenko dismissed the story of Belarus KGB leaked tapes alleging involvement of Belarus president Oleksandr Lukashenko in the slaying of Sheremet.

He argued that such claims were as misleading as accusations he was facing:

“I heard that story. But let’s remember how all this story started – that motive of ‘Aryan supremacy’ to divert the public attention. Later, when it became inadequate and everybody understood that it was nonsense.. they made up a ‘destabilization’ story. And now we see that the indictment has this made-up motive ‘destabilization for inciting mass protests’. And then this story with Belarus tapes came up, in my view, and this next story is unfolding about Lukashenko wishing to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. For me, it is absurd and idiocy,” explained Atnonenko.

He stressed that prosecutors were choosing not to consider any other versions and were only whitewashing their investigation.

“The hearings have been going for 9 months. And they are trying to cover things up. Here is the answer. The men you call law-enforcement officials are in reality minding their own business whitewashing their work and nobody wants to investigate [the case] and tell the truth about what really happened. Nobody is looking into other versions,” explained Antonenko.