19 Nov, 2021 23:07
Wagnergate: former intelligence chief reveals new details on botched Russian mercenaries capture

Vasyl Burba doubled down on his claims the intelligence sting suffered a ‘fiasco’ due to ‘leaks’ from a ‘mole working for Russia’.

19 Nov, 2021 02:07
Former MP Serhiy Leshchenko rushes to defent Zelensky’s officials amid new Bellingcat findings

Former MP Serhiy Leshchenko tried to downplay the damaging revelations of Bellingcat report, which exposed the role of Zelensky's officials in the botched capture plan of Russian mercinaries.

18 Nov, 2021 14:47
Bellingcat report on Wagnergate scandal: social media reaction

The new Bellingcat report on Wagnergate story sparked a social media frenzy in the Ukrainian segment of social media earning mixed reactions.

24 Sep, 2021 17:58
Bellingcat investigator names the ‘biggest mistake’ of Ukrainian officials in Wagner mercinaries scandal

Christo Grozev said Ukraine had a chance to make the most of the 'almost botched' sting operation and expose Russian intelligence failings.

5 Sep, 2021 21:28
Ukrainian officials holding back some information about Russia’s crimes in Donbas, Bellingcat’s Christo Grozev

Ukrainian officials still keep mum about Wagner mercenaries plan disregarding evidence uncovered in the run-up to the covert operation that could now shed light on MH17 flight  case.

9 Apr, 2021 12:39
Moldova’s parliament launches probe on Mykola Chaus kidnapping

The Moldova’s parliament establishes a special commission to investigate the abduction of Ukrainian jugde Mykola Chaus, the local TV station reports.