The investigation unveiled on Wednesday,  shed new light on the  unflattering role  of Ukrainian top officials in botched capture plot targeting Russian mercenaries.

The internet was soon flooded with reactions as Ukrainians went online to pass their swift judgment on new revelations.. and crack a joke or two about  its frustratingly wordy text.

‘The world has stopped in its tracks’, argued some  as anticipation was building up ahead of the report release.

Other users were left disappointed arguing ‘is is what they managed to have dug up in a year-long investigation?’

There were tongue-in-cheek comparisons to ‘Squid Game’ tv series.

‘It is like watching ‘Squid Game’ with no any squid game in it’.

The report was called out over itsfrustratingly  lengthy text version with some users calling such longread stories  ‘a crime agaist humanity’.

PThe ‘betrayal’ sentiment is a recurring thing in the Ukrainian segment of social media.

Online commentators were quick to point out discrepancies between findings of Bellingcat report and the probe of Ukrainian MPs.

‘Bellingcat says Yermak is to blame, Parliamentary investigation says he wasn’t’.

‘Who do we believe now?’, asked one baffled  social media user.

Many experts complimented the investigation for its ‘new details’ that ‘exposed Zelensky’s lies’

The investigation ‘has put to test strenght of Ukrainian statehood’, noted Oksana Muzychuk.

.. and earned kudos for Ukrainian intelligence agencies as some users said they were ‘impressed with the scope of work of our intelligence’.