1 May, 2023 22:13
More than 100 dolphins died in the Black Sea due to Russian actions, – ecologist

The head of the research department of the National Park ‘Tuzlivski Lymani’ Ivan Rusev said that during April 2023, more than a hundred dead dolphins were registered in the Sevasto ...

9 Jan, 2023 13:06
Ukraine bans ultra-thin plastic bags

On January 1, a ban on the ultra-thin plastic bags, which were used in retail trade and catering establishments, came into effect in Ukraine. The ban does not apply to biodegradabl ...

9 Dec, 2021 14:21
Ukraine bans disposable plastic bags in stores

A law banning the use of disposable plastic bags will come into force on December 10, making plastic bags available in Ukrainian stores only for money.

6 Dec, 2021 19:11
EBRD and EU support Ukrainian environmentally friendly company

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has provided support to the Ukrainian company Go To-U, which develops charging station management systems.