The head of the research department of the National Park ‘Tuzlivski Lymani’ Ivan Rusev said that during April 2023, more than a hundred dead dolphins were registered in the Sevastopol harbor and other shores of the occupied Crimea, not far from Novorossiysk, Sochi, Gelendzhik and Anapa. The animals were possibly affected by Russian military sonars.

According to Russian open sources, only near the coast of the occupied Crimea, 77 dead dolphins were registered, including contused animals.

According to the ecologist, if more than 100 dead animals have been registered, the actual death toll is much higher.

‘I, like many of my colleagues and friends in Ukraine and abroad, will fight for both nature and my country Ukraine until the victorious end. Ukraine will definitely be reborn! Together with the fearless Ukrainian army, each of us must defend our land from treacherous barbarians – from the evil Russian empire’, Ivan Rusev concluded.