energy shortages

11 Jan, 2023 11:16
Electricity deficit increases due to cold weather, – Ukrenergo

As of January 11 morning, electricity consumption increased in Ukraine due to a significant drop in temperature in some regions. There are 24-hour limits on electricity consumption ...

30 Nov, 2022 12:28
Ukraine lacks 27% of needed electricity

As of 11 am Wednesday, the deficit of electricity in the country makes 27%, ‘Ukrenergo’ national energy operator said in a statement. It means that the Ukrainian generating facilit ...

29 Nov, 2022 11:57
Electricity deficit increased to 30%, – energy operator

‘Ukrenergo’ national energy operator said in a statement that as of November 29, Ukrainian generating facilities produce only 70% of the needed electricity amount. On Monday, the d ...

4 Jan, 2022 12:26
Ukraine’s gas storage sites report lower gas stocks than usual at this time of year

Natural gas reserves in Ukrainian gas storage facilities decreased from 17.2 to 13.4 billion cubic meters.

15 Dec, 2021 00:12
Coal piles at power plants below required ‘minumum’, warns Ukraine’s energy ministry

Ukraine's energy ministry warns domestic plants about penalites if they fail to restock on coal ahead of winter as the country is feeling the heat of mounting coal shortages.

22 Nov, 2021 20:02
Ukraine looks to Australian and the US coal amid Russia’s energy blockade , -statement by major energy company

Ukraine’s major energy generating company ‘Tsentrenergo’ said it will haul coal by sea from as far as the US and Australia to offset the Russia policies disrupting energy imports.

3 Nov, 2021 00:09
Ukraine resumes energy imports from Belarus despite ealrier ban

Kyiv backtracks on earlier ban of energy supplies from Belarus to prop up a strained grid.