As of January 11 morning, electricity consumption increased in Ukraine due to a significant drop in temperature in some regions. There are 24-hour limits on electricity consumption in all regions, and emergency shutdowns have been applied in some areas.

‘Ukrenergo’ national energy operator states that due to the cold weather in the east and in the center of Ukraine, the number of electricity consumers increased significantly. As a result, the power deficit also increased.

In order to ensure balance in the energy system, consumption limits valid throughout the day have been set for all regions.

However, at 7:00 am in Dnipro and Kharkiv regions, the limits were critically exceeded, as a result of which emergency shutdowns were applied to maintain the stable operation of the power system.

In addition, in some areas due to gusty winds, there is damage to the networks of distribution system, and repair work is underway.

In the frontline regions in the east and south, the situation with electricity supply remains difficult because of the significant damage to power grids due to the high activity of hostilities.

Currently, the energy system of Ukraine is not able to cover consumption in full due to the damage and temporary occupation by the enemy of a number of power plants that produce electricity, including Zaporizhzhia NPP, the capacity of which could allow covering the full need for electricity.

Ukrainians are urged to use electricity wisely and alternately use energy-intensive appliances, as this will help reduce the load on the power system and reduce the use of restrictions.