European Solidarity

21 Feb, 2022 13:12
European Solidarity strengthens lead in polls

The oppostion party is exending its lead in opinion polls, and now is clear 7 points ahead of Servant of the People.

24 Jan, 2022 15:29
Poroshenko calls for closed meeting of Zelensky with lawmakers, blasts lax response to looming escalation on borders

Former Ukrainian president slams tepid response of Ukrainian officials to the situation on the border and calls for an urgent meeting of the current president Zelensky with lawmakers to address the national security issues.

24 Jan, 2022 09:38
European solidarity takes lead in polls, Servant of the People stumbles

The main opposition party is on a solid 5-points lead for the first time since the defeat in 2019 parliamentary elections.

12 Jan, 2022 11:12
Politicians and activists launch a social media ‘flash mob’ urging people to meet Poroshenko on his return to Ukraine

Politicians, public activists, and Donbas war veterans are joining a chorus of calls for a ‘flash mob’ meeting of Petro Poroshenko on his return to Ukraine amid his unlawful indictment

29 Dec, 2021 16:40
Police raids houses of European Solidarity politicians and activists

The search warrants came in relation to the ongoing investigation into 2014-2015 coal supply schemes. 

28 Dec, 2021 18:54
European Solidarity MPs put pressure on the SBU, call for probe into Zelensky policies in Donbas

Opposition MPs campaign comes in response to trumped-up charges against Zelensky's political rival Petro Poroshenko.

30 Nov, 2021 13:21
‘European Solidarity’ leader remembers Maydan events, calls for unity

As Ukraine remembers tragic events of November 30, 2013, when police brutally attacked Maidan demonstrators, ‘European Solidarity’ leader called on Ukrainians to ‘unite around ideals of dignity and freedom’.