The opposition party led by former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko enjoys the biggest support among Ukrainians, as the new poll shows it would get 23.2% of  votes if parliamentary elections were held today.

Meanwhile,  Zelensky’s ‘Servant of the People’ sees its support slipping away – it now stands at  16.2%  while other 10.7% of votes of respondents said they would vote for Opposition Platform for Life.

Support for Yuliya Tymoshenko’s Batkivshchyna is at 10%.   Dmytro Razumkov’s Rozumna Polityka,  Ihor Smeshko’s  Syla I Chest and Yevhen Myraev’s Nashi would get 8.5%, 7.1%, and 6.3% respectively.

The poll suggests a marked shift in voting preferences as scandals keep eating away Servant of the People base – only 17.8% of respondents said they were positive about Zelensky’s party keeping power in next elections.

By contrast, 1 in 2 Ukrainians (54%) wouldn’t  welcome such scenario while a fifth of respondents (20.2%) just failed to answer the question.