7 Sep, 2022 14:30
Military registration for women to be put off for one year,- Ukraine’s defense ministry

Ukraine’s defense ministry said it will shelf for a year the policy requiring women in a range of professions to have a military registration at conscription offices. The ministry ...

27 Jul, 2022 18:05
Ukraine’s parliament bars utilities’ debt collections to ease financial pain for Ukrainians affected by war

On Wednesday, Ukraine’s parliament moved to bar debt collectors from chasing Ukrainians struggling to pay their utility bills. The update to the Law on Enforcement got the votes of ...

19 Jun, 2022 15:22
Ukrainian MPs pass a new law bringing curbs for Russian music and books

No more airplay for Russian pop music. On Sunday, the Ukrainian lawmakers have adopted two new policies aiming to weed Russian music from Ukraine’s air waves and ban distribution o ...

14 Jun, 2022 16:39
Health committee of Ukraine’s parliament green-lights law draft legalizing medical-use cannabis

Ukraine appears to be edging closer to legalization of cannabis for medical use. In a markup meeting on Tuesday, health committee of Ukraine’s parliament gave a go-ahead to the law ...

30 Dec, 2021 12:47
Ukrainian MPs propose to amend controversial policy of military conscription for women

Following intense public outrcy, lawmakers seek to amend making military conscription 'voluntary' for Ukrainian women.

16 Dec, 2021 23:50
Vape no more, Ukraine’s parliament passes a tough e-cigarette policy  

The ban covers youth-friendly flavorings and outlaws vaping in public spaces.

9 Dec, 2021 14:21
Ukraine bans disposable plastic bags in stores

A law banning the use of disposable plastic bags will come into force on December 10, making plastic bags available in Ukrainian stores only for money.