The Vekrhovna Rada has taken action to stab out e-cigarettes  by introducing a new law that limits their sales and advertising.

Alarmed by youth e-cigarette epidemic, lawmakers have outlawed flavor vaping products that have long been marketed and hyped as cool and safe alternative to smoking.

Under the new policy, those under 18 will be banned from buying  flavored e-cigarettes while their ads are now also made verboten.

The restrictions will include a ban on vaping in public spaces, curbs on its displays in retail shops, and bigger-sized health warnings on packs with gory images of ailments linked to vaping.

The alarming statistics shows that over 85 thousand Ukrainians die every year for smoking-related issues while tobacco products remain one of the  key factors in 84 % cases of heart, diabetes, cancer and lugn illnesses recorded in the country.

Legislative intervention seeks to cut out early exposure to addictive vaping and lower number of smoking-related health conditions straining Ukraine’s healt care system, said policy authors in the draft law preface.

The new police got thumbs up from 317 Ukrainian MPs and is going in effect next year.