10 Feb, 2023 12:52
SBU accuses MP Voloshyn of high treason

Based on the evidence collected by the SBU counter-intelligence, Oleh Voloshyn, an ‘Opposition Platform For Life’ party MP, has been charged with high treason. According to the Sec ...

7 Feb, 2022 11:55
Servant of the People MP car crash: investigators seeking witness report from police office over held-back body cam footage

Investigators said 4 out of 5 car accident reconstruction reports failed to indentify the person who caused the car collision.

29 Dec, 2021 00:05
Ukrainian MP urges Moscow to reclaim Ukrainian territories

Illya Kiva popped up on Russia's state television to argue that Russia plays a 'great political game' over Ukraine and can make it part of future Slavonic union state.

26 Sep, 2021 14:53
Opposition MP takes over sanctioned TV channel

Nestor Shufrych, a Ukrainian opposition MP from OPZZh’ party and chair of the Verkhovna Rada committee on the freedom of speech says he bought earlier sanctioned TV channel ‘Pershyi Nezalezhnyi’.

17 Sep, 2021 12:11
Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Trukhin car crash: chief investigator says they can’t name the offender

Investigation into a car crash involving a ‘Servant of the People’ MP Trukhin is stalling and  police still can’t name the suspect who caused the offense, admits State Investigation Bureau interim head Oleksiy Sukhachov.

8 Aug, 2021 21:55
Servant of the People MP buys a 3.5 million hryvnas flat filing no income to cover its costs

According to National Anticorruption Bureau records, ‘Servant of the People’ MP Olesksandr Sanchenko listed a new flat in his assets declaration.