In what can be seen as an excuse-making attempt, State Bureau of Investigations said on Monday it examined footage from over 1000 road cameras to identify a person who was driving  Servant of the People MP Oleksandr Trukhin car en route to Kyiv on August 23,  when it caused a collision leaving one person injured.

According to its Monday statement, the obtained surveillance footage showed on the Oleksandr Trukhin’s Aude A8 car was driven that day  by a person wearing red colored clothes whereas  the lawmaker was seen on video revealed by Ukrainska Pravda  wearing a white shirt and a gray jacket on the scene of the car crash.

Investigators also pointed a finger at traffic police officials who failed to hand over body cam footage from the scene.

The agency faces more heat after media obtained the police body cam footage showing the lawmaker offering a bribe to traffic police to make them look the other way over his role in the car incident.

In comments for Ukraina24 TV channel, the agency spokeperson Olha Chykanova said investigators are now seeking a witness report from police officer Serhiy Petryk whose bode cam footage could have been held back for some reason.