Mykola Chaus

14 Jun, 2023 10:11
Judge Mykola Chaus sentenced to 10 years in prison

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court announced the verdict in the case of the former judge Mykola Chaus. As reported by the Center for Counteracting Corruption, Mykola Chaus was sente ...

9 Feb, 2022 17:58
Mykola Chaus interview: ‘I had to give hope to my family, let them know that I was still alive’

In the second part of  extended interview for Volodymyr Aryev released on Wednesday, former Kyiv judge Mykola Chaus revealed new grim details about his kidnapping and two traumatic months spent in a locked-up basement.

9 Feb, 2022 16:59
‘They told me I wouldn’t get alive out of it  if I fail to testify  Poroshenko ordered to jail Korban’ – Mykola Chaus on his kidnapping

Fugitive Kyiv judge who was kidnapped by Ukraine’s intelligence from Moldova said he faced threats and made to give evidence and smear on former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko.

15 Nov, 2021 23:47
Mykola Chaus is awaiting trial after prosecutors finally file charges

National Anti-Corruption Bureau said they finalized charges against notorious fugitive judge Mykola Chaus who was kidnapped in Moldova and taken back to Ukraine earlier this year.

13 Aug, 2021 13:44
Moldova prosecutors file charges against one of Mykola Chaus kidnappers

Prosecutors found the local accomplice in crime was recruited to gather information on Mykola Chaus and rented cars later used for kidnapping.

12 Aug, 2021 13:56
Mykola Chaus suffers from ‘leg, sight, and hearing problems’, says his lawyer

Serious concerns over Mykola Chaus ‘health problems’ after kidnapping and illegal confinment, says his lawyer.

4 Aug, 2021 22:56
Court orders house arrest for Mykola Chaus

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court has passed a verdict of round-the-clock house arrest for ex-judge Mykola Chaus.