In his bombshell interview for Volodymyr Aryev, Mykola Chaus said that his kidnapping that caused a diplomatic rift between Ukraine and Moldova was a violent and scary experience claiming  he was given injections and beaten by his abductors.

‘They put me on the mat near the passenger seat and one of them sat on my head.. When I tried to crawl out  they punched me on my back and kidneys. It lasted for 20 minutes’.

There is enough evidence that the kidnapping was executed by Ukrainian intelligence operatives, said Vladimir Aryev, arguing the most possible culprit is Ukraine’s military intelligence led by Kyrylo Budanov.

‘They took judge Chaus [back to Ukraine] to get evidence against Zelensky’s personal enemies’

The former judge who fled to Moldova in 2016  facing corruption charges said  the abductors would come with a list of questions he would have to answer ticking yes or no boxes.

‘The third time they brought just a paper with no boxes.. Telling me I will be taped on video reading questions and answering yes to them. I had to write that I was coming to Kyiv by plane and got direct instructions from Poroshenko to jail Korban, otherwise I would not get out of there alive’ .

The new harrowing details of Chaus led Aryev to bitterly remark that today  Ukrainian intelligence are not protecting Ukraine’s security but rather ‘are commissioned to work against enemies and rivals of the current president.