Nord Stream 2

1 Feb, 2022 15:02
Ukraine and Poland agree to build a gas pipe line

Ukraine and Poland have agreed to build a gas pipeline that will increase the volume of gas supplied to the East.

19 Nov, 2021 01:13
Ukraine’s PM urges US Senate to make sanctions against Nord Stream 2 part of US defense bill

Kyiv seeks support of the US Senate against 'the geopolitical poject that would make Ukraine ‘more vulnerable to Russian aggression’.

21 Oct, 2021 11:33
Nord Stream 2: Ukrainian gas grid operator GTSOU seeks to be part of pipeline certification

InUkraine's gas grid operator joins Naftogaz in Nord Stream 2 certification application to gain some leverage against the 'geopolitically dangerous project that threatens Ukraine's national security'.

18 Oct, 2021 11:28
Naftogaz seeks involvement with Nord Stream 2 certification procedures

With the Russian pipeline complete, Ukraine is now set to gain some leverage with its certification proceedings.

16 Oct, 2021 00:42
‘Nord Stream 2 launch suffers delay due to Ukraine’s position’,  Naftogaz CEO

Naftogaz CEO Yuriy Vitrenko opens about about prospects of Nord Stream 2 launch