The Ukrainian gas grid operator GTSOU said in a statement Thursday it is filing an application to join certification procedures for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

The company raised concerns over Russia’s pipeline that is ‘geopolitically dangerous project’ that undermines security of Ukraine and ‘destroys European energy architecture bypassing EU laws’, which, serves as sufficient grounds for GTSOU to seek involvement with the pipeline clearance.

‘The certification procedure shall ensure compliance with European energy law, and, when the proposed operator is controlled by a non-EU entity (in the present case Russian Gazprom), ensure that certification does not threaten security of supply,” GTSOU said in the statement.

The grid operator said it had a direct interest in ensuring Nord Stream 2 was fully compliant with EU rules for transparency and third-party access, noting that the certification of the pipeline under the ITO model would “undermine” security of supply for Ukraine and hamper the country from operating and maintaining the storage and transmission system.

Earilier this week, the same application was filed by Ukraine’s state energy company Naftogaz.